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ジャマイカから素敵な歌物MIXが到着、90'S VOCAL MIXです。
キングストンの老舗のTAPE屋「CASSETE NINJA」からのリリースとなり、今回はオールアナログ音源でのMIX。


やはりCASSETE NINJAの選曲は間違いなし!!!


01.Beres Hammond - Falling Love
02.Beres Hammond - Temped Touch
03.Wayne Wonder & Sanchez - Won't Last A Day
04.Richie Stephens - Trying To Get To You
05.Sanchez - If I Ever Falling Love Again
06.Tony Curtis - Love Should Have
07.Cornel Campbell - Rope In
08.Coco Tea - She Loves Me Now
09.Beres Hammond - I Could Beat My Self
10.Junior Mervin - Cool Out Son
11.Yami Bolo - Isn't She Lovely
12.Ronnie Thwaithes - Mr.Luxury
13.Wayne Wonder - Your Love
14.Wayne Wonder - Only You
15.Sanchez - Sweet Baby
16.Jack Raddics - In The Ghetto
17.Sanchez - Can We Talk
18.Sanchez - End Of The World
19.Frankie Paul - The Scope
20.Thriller U - My Love
21.Pliers - In My Time
22.Tony Curtis - Sadie
23.Tony Curtis - Sailing
24.Wayne Wonder - Only You
25.Coco Tea - Good Life
26.Sanchez - Forever
27.Beres Hammond - Full Attention
28.Suger Minot - Run Thing
29.Suger Minot - Sprinter Stayar
30.Sanchez - Kiss Me Honey
31.Lukie D - Centre Of Attention
32.Beres Hammond - Show It Off
33.Frankie Paul - I Want To Rock
34.Wayne Wonder - Dreaming
35.Wayne Wonder - Still Say Yes
36.Singing Melody - Shower Me With Your love
37.Wayne Wonder - Fast Car
38.Wayne Wonder - Anything For You
39.Pliers - I Want Be Your Man
40.Sandy - Lose Your Love
41.Johnny Osbourne - Reasons
42.Foxy Brown - Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
43.Sanchez - Some Guys
44.Coco Tea - Flirty Flirty
45.Sanchez - Don't Want To Be Lonely
46.Stacy Lee - Sukiyaki
47.Freddie Mcgregor - Prophecy
48.Ian Sweetness - I Hold You
49.Sanchez - Here I Am
50.White Mice - True Love
51.Ken Boothe - You Care
52.Thriller U - Prove it To You
53.Spanner Banner - Life Goes On
54.Pliers - Come On Baby
55.Yami Bolo - Jah made Them All
56.Anthony Malvo -You Needed Me
57.Little John - Run For Cover


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