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今までありそうでなかった“Dancehall Foundation Mix”です☆

全編Hard Core80's!! 今の現場ではかかる機会の少ない知る人ぞ知るJamaica Hit♪

Who goes there!!!!! This is real foundation!! It's truth☆


1.Ackee-Call Me Rambo
2.Eccleton Jarrett-Turn On The Heat
3.Courtney Melody-Ninja Mi Ninja
4.Nitty Gritty-Good Morning Teacher
5.Nitty Gritty-False Alarm
6.Johnny Osbourne-In The Area
7.Dilly Dally-Ramdance
8.King Everald-Bad Boy
9.Daddy Lilly-Shocking Shocking
10.Half Pint-Winsome
11.Maureen Pearson-Handsome
12.Carlton Livingston-Rumours
13.Half Pint-Hold On
14.Sugar Minott-Dancehall We Deh
15.Scion Success-Can't Leave Jah Alone
16.Shinehead-Hello You All
17.Yellowman & Peter Metro-The Girl Is Mine
18.Tonny Tuff-Come Fi Mash It
19.Half Pint-Political Fiction
20.Anthony Malvo-Reggae Gone Clear
21.Early B-Nah Love Truck
22.Josie Wales-Hoola Hoope
23.Yellowman-Look In a Me Eye
24.Josie Wales-Ruling
25.Peter Metro-Dedicated To You
26.Johnny Osbourne-Water Pumping
27.Sanchez-Lady In Red
28.Josie Wales-Can't Stop
29.King Everald-Set The Dance On Fire
30.Robert Ffrench-Raggamuffin
31.Cat Coore-One Blood Symphony
32.Barrington Levy-Struggler
33.Anthony Red Rose-Me No Want No Boops
34.Colourman & Jackie Knockshot-Kick Up Rumpus
35.Barrington Levy-Here I Come
36.Lieutenant Stitchie-Labba Labba
37.Josie Wales-Autobiography
38.Pinchers-Return Of The Don
39.Red Dragon-Hol A Fresh
40.Daddy Lizard-Hol A Spliff
41.Sister Charmaine-Hoi A Rest
42.Frankie Wilmot-My Sound
43.Tristan Palmer & Lady Juney-Rock With Me
44.Major Worries-Doo Doo
45.Rappa Robert & Tippa Lee-Come Ina De Dance
46.Brian & Tony Gold-Pass The Dubplate
47.Admiral Tibet-Serious Time
48.Papa Biggy-Rub A Dub Girl
49.Little John-No Take No Set
50.King Kong-Don't Touch My Boops
51.Michael Prophet-Nuh Call Me John Boops
52.Super Cat-Boops
53.Lieutenant Stitchie-Nice Girl