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Spice Blend vol. 7 Pot Of Gold 45Mix / Mixed by Spicy Of Chelsea Movement



在庫状況 残り 1 点 お早めに!



東京を代表するジョグリン・サウンド“CHELSEA MOVEMENT”の看板セレクター SPICYによる人気45Mix新作!

今回は名門レーベル「POT OF GOLD」の曲のみをMIX。

バックタイトルも一緒にどうぞ→ ●SPICE BLEND




予めご了承頂いた上で お買い求めください。


1. Intro
2. Pot Of Gold Remix. Spicy Of Chelsea.
3. Go Cinderella. Richie Stephens feat Lady Saw.
4. Hotty Hotty Girls. Wayne Wonder feat Texture.
5. Maniac. Richie Stephens feat Bouny Keller.
6. Slop Dem. Richie Stephens.
7. Italee. Red Rat.
8. Pleasure Tour. General Degree.
9. Invation. Buccaneer.
10. Tight Clothe. Richie Stephens feat Frisco Kid.
11. Scare Dem Attack. Scare Dem Crew.
12. Little Miss Cutie. Ghost.
13. Who Badda. Lady Saw feat General Degree.
14. Girls Galore. Richie Stephens feat General Degree
15. Bounce Along. Wayne Wonder feat Spragga Benz.
16. Get Wise. Richie Stephens feat Bounty Killer.
17. Winner. Richie Stephens.
18. Na Na Na. T. O. K
19. Sugar Plum Plum. General Degree.
20. Everywhere I Go. Mr. Vegas.
21. Jump Around. Mr. Vegas.
22. Tears. T. O. K feat General Degree.
23. Stay In School. Copper Cat.
24. Yuh Nuh Fraid. Buccaneer.
25. Scare Dem Flavor. Scare Dem Crew.
26. Big Life. Richie Stephens feat Bounty Killer.
27. Mama Jama. Richie Stephens.
28. Mirror Mirror. Mr. Easy feat General Degree.
29. Mad Dem. Devonte feat Buccaneer.
30. Fire Fire. Scare Dem Crew.
31. Take Your Time. Richie Stephens feat Lady Saw.
32. Bad Man Nuh Life. Mr. Vegas feat Beenie Mam.
33. Gal Teacher. Cheeco feat Frisco Kid.
34. Gal Fi Get Loving. T. O. K.
35. Call Me. Round Head.
36. Fit And Light. Sean Paul.
37. Hot Girls. Kip Rich.
38. Oh La La La. Crissy D feat Beenie Man
39. Good Gal. Elephant Man.
40. Try Again. Bounty Killer.
41. She’s Go It. Richie Stephens.
42. Show Me what You Got. Richie Stephens feat Shabba Ranks.
43. Energy God. Elephant Man.
44. Shout Yea. Beenie Man.
45. Trust In God. Richie Stephens.
46. Born Again. Brother Desmond A. k. A Ninja Man.
47. God Alone. Richie Stephens. Freddie Mcgregor & Dennis Brown.
48. Candy Girl. Richie Stephens.
49. It’s Time For Love. Richie Stephens & Marcia Griffiths.